How To Research & Optimize Contents With MarketMuse | A Brief Overview

MarketMuse is one of the oldest but the most solid Content Analysis Tool on the market. From researching the topic of a content, finding the right context of any given keyword and writing content with their data-based query suggestions – everything seems super simple with MarketMuse.

Unlike Frase, MarketMuse developed their own AI Technology that are based on NLP, NLG (Natural Language Generation) and Deep Learning.

Though, their regular price is very expensive – they have recently launched on AS and here is there best offer ever – 5600 Taka for Optimize package for Lifetime and 16000 Taka for PRO package for Lifetime. When they have a monthly package that costs for 40,000 Taka – if you get that same functionalities just for 16000 Taka, and if it is for Lifetime – thats a steal. 🙂

Here you go to get that offer –

Exclusive & Rare

MarketMuse লাইফটাইম অফার

ব্যাসিক্যালি তাদের প্রিমিয়াম প্যাকেজটা ১ লক্ষ ২০ হাজার টাকা পার মান্থ, প্রো প্যাকেজটা ৪০ হাজার টাকা পার মান্থ, প্লাস প্যাকেজটা ১৪ হাজার টাকা প্রতি মাসে দিতে হবে এবং অপ্টিমাইজ প্যাকেজটা ৬৪০০ টাকা পার মান্থ।

আমি যেটা করেছি – ১৬ হাজার টাকা দিয়ে প্রো এবং প্লাসের মাঝামাঝি প্যাকেজটার লাইফটাইম ডিলটা কিনেছি – মানে এই একবারই টাকা পে করে সারাজীবন (যতোদিন বেঁচে থাকি আর কি :)) তাদের টুলটা ইউজ করতে পারবো। 🙂

ডিটেইল আর কি কি সুবিধা সব নিচের লিঙ্কটা থেকে দেখে নিয়েন। 

Note: MarketMuse Lifetime Deal buyers will get all the future updates of their Plus and Pro package once these are released. Means, your LTD account will also be updated immediately with all the new updates and features.

Features of MarketMuse You Will Love

Watch this video below to understand the MarketMuse better. If you like reading text (like me 🙂 ) skip this video and scroll below.

As MarketMuse is running their business since 2013, they have already implemented a lot of features and they has built their own system and AI – which is outstanding. When you will invest on a Tool (specially if you want to buy a lifetime deal) you have to vet their agenda and roadmap.

In fact, some other Content Analysis tools like Pop, Surfer, Frase, Optimize Pro or Cora actually built upon the methodology of MarketMuse.

Here are some features to look at –

Research – To research new content Ideas and topics (short and long tail).

Compete – A Competitor Analysis Tool.

Questions – A Questions generator based on any given query (Seed Keyword or Longtail – both works).

Connect – Give you suggestions about Internal and External links (Based on your account domain).

Optimize – You can create new content based on their suggestions on the go, or optimize/improve existing contents of your blog.

Snapshots – You can save your reports or data using their Snapshots feature.

Export – Whatever you research – you can combine them and export for your writer or teammates.

There is one thing I would love to get from MarketMuse is – you can’t change your root domain (unless you mistyped while registering with them). But to me – you really don’t need to depend on that feature – as you see on my video above that, you can optimize and analyze any domain you want (no matter whether its your’s or your competitor’s) and any topic/keyword you feel like to.

So, if you want to invest on a content tool – then it should be this MarketMuse.

If you have Frase, you still want MarketMuse as an additional Content Tool in your arsenal.

Because, Blogging business is not just for a year or two – its a lifetime business like this tool. 🙂

Any queries or comments – drop them below.


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