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Existing content improvement is one of the biggest challenges for the Bloggers and content publishers. Its because, finding batches of content to edit is easy after a thorough content audit; but what to include on that content to make a better version – is still unknown. As we are always chasing what Google or other engines thinks about it – and as they never disclose what to edit or include or omit – we (the bloggers) are always in a puzzle.

And here, some tools comes in handy and Frase is one of them.

In today’s video I have shared the different use-cases of Frase and talked about the NLP AI (Artificial Intelligence) Technology that web app usages to match with the thinking of Google. Google actually uses that same NLP Technology and definitely that’s a huge plus when we optimize our contents and websites for search.

Let’s Watch the Content Improvement & Topic Research Walkthrough With Frase Here:

Do you want to pay just once $69 (5500 Taka) in your lifetime for Frase rather than paying $99 (8000 Taka) per month? – Well, the offer is sold out. But you can get discounted price of Frase by following the link below –

Features of Frase IO

Frase is a versatile tool that you can use in a lot of ways on your SEO Campaign. You can use it to research keywords, find under-served but popular questions, map your site-wide topics or categories, improve your existing contents, write and research for new contents or to send a detailed instructions to your writer or content manager about what to write next and what to include in an article.

Here are three highlighted features that I am personally using right now –

  1. Generating Question Clusters from Google Search Console Data.
  2. Improving Existing Contents of my blogs.
  3. Researching about Topics & NLP Data for the new articles I am planning to write, every day.

It saves a lot of my time and money as I spend a lot of time to research a topic and you know, time is money here in publishing business as well. 🙂

I am planning for using Answers Dataset from Frase as well in one of my sites where people may ask a lot of questions in the chat box. But, I will let it sleep idle for a month…because I have lot of stuff to do before I come back to it.

To me, this is a great alternative to Marketmuse, SurferSEO, SimilarContent, ContentStudio and WebsiteAuditor (Content Audit) and I really want you to take advantage of this amazing tool.

See yeah!

Note: The link in this post is an affiliate link and If you buy the software following my link, I may get a small commission without any extra cost to you.

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