Welcome to my Video Blog! :)

This was my first video of this Website and my YouTube channel as well. 🙂

This first video was published in this blog on December 19, 2014. I wonder how quickly time flies.

I watched this video today ( it was not good though. :P) and found the core goal of this website is still unchanged. Which feels awesome to me. Let’s see how far this blog goes and how much more impactful this can be for Bangladeshi people.

Let the love spreads…..

In this Vlog, I just have shared who I am, what I do, what I will be doing in this Blog and how you guys can be benefited as well.

So, Please motivate me to keep going and suggest me if anything you have on your mind right now about this journey or making it even better.


Nasir Uddin Shamim
Dhk, BD

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