Find Easy Google Adsense Niches To Make Money in 2021

When you find some low-quality scraper sites are dominating Google’s first page – you instantly get a goosebump and feel excited to explore more.

And this is what is happened with me tonight and I can’t wait to share that with you all.

I have been checking the backlink profile of my sites using ahrefs and found something interesting. Every website I own, often get some links from some scraper sites. While checking the quality of the pages I got links; I found all those sites are extremely low quality and they has no contents by themselves.

All they are doing is just making a list of links (link curation to be exact) of other websites based on specific keywords. They are linking to any random sites that are ranking for their target keywords and making a list by collecting some excerpts from the source sites.

Those are basically MFA (Made for Adsense) sites that shouldn’t be ranked higher in Google as any search engine of this Globe doesn’t like them as these look spammy and don’t add any substantial value to the readers.

Interestingly, some of those kinds of websites are ranking higher in Google and some websites are generating 300k+ visitors by doing so.

So, the point here is – if they can generate such a huge amount of traffics (and the money possibly with AdSense), why we can’t rank in such niches by providing more value to the readers (and search engines)?

Its definitely possible.

I have shared some insights and such websites in detailed here in this video – go watch it.

Here is the checklist to follow –

  • Note down such websites whenever you found them online.
  • Check your backlink profiles and if you find such types of sites, note them down.
  • Explore the sites on ahrefs and export all of their keywords by filtering with positions and keywords (I showed the way in the video)
  • Based on the site you are exploring; you already know which niche you can target. You can further niche it down to be more specific and rank easily by having a laser targeted niche. For example, for the course websites; you can just focus on Medical Courses. Got the idea, right?
  • When writing content – just make sure you cover at least 500 to 750 words of text content before making a List of Links (like what such scraper sites are doing).
  • And for each link – you will write 50 to 100 words of unique content that the end-users will find useful.
  • Try to monetize your site with Google AdSense as you see, the CPC is awesome.

That’s it. If you can follow the checklist above; and make a site – there is no way to be failed on such niches.

If these scraper sites can get traffics; you can surely get way more than them.

Just trust this video and the method I showed you.

And keep working.

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