SEO Competitor Analysis by SEOQuake FF Addon & MS Excel

As an SEO expert, you need to perform the competitor analysis often. As you need several data to know whether the keyword is less competitive or competitive, a trustworthy tool is a must. There are many tools for researching your competitor, but you can use perfect extensions which serves more advance data than other free tools. SEOQuake extension is one of these tool you can trust.

How to use SEO quake? 

SEO quake is more advanced free tools for research. Here I am discussing more detailed about this tool;
Step-01: Go to the chrome extension or Mozilla add-ons to set up your SEO quake
Step-02: You have to login SEMRush to connect SEO quake.
Step-03: Go to the Google search and search any keyword you want
Step-04: Get the metrics such as Index page, Liks, Alexa ranks, TA, CF, and many more.

Tools I Used:

1. SEO Quake Addons for Chrome Browser.
2. Microsoft Excel
3. Written Keyword Research Strategy is here:

Follow all the steps mentioned below (Presentation is for Bengali Speaking People).

Step 1: Find some keywords to Analyze from Google Keywords Planner.

Step 2. Enter any of Keywords on Google Search Box by using Quotation Sign (“”) before and after of the Keyword. Then press enter.

Step 3: If SEOQuake Addon installed on your Firefox Browser; you can save all the data from first page by just one click.

Step 4: Rearrange the SEO Competitor’s Data in MS Excel by following the method showed in this video.

Hope, you can research as more as number of Keywords & Competitors you need to.

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