Keyword Clustering | And Ways To Start Your Next Article From It.

Keyword Clustering is a old thing in SEO Industry. In fact, we see the clustered keywords all the time while researching keywords or searching anything on Google.

But, we usually pick one single keyword and overlook all the other related keywords.

What if, we cluster all those related keywords and bring all of them under an umbrella of a great title?

In this video, I have followed through the classic keyword clustering know-hows and how you can take the idea to generate an attractive Title which covers everything of that cluster.

Let’s watch this KW Clustering video and start practicing –

Examples Shown On The Video

1.Who is thor

who is thor married to 

who is thor in avengers

who is thor in greek mythology 

 who is thor in norse mythology

Title: Who Is Thor | Answers Given Based on Movies & Mythology

2. biodegradable plastic

biodegradable plastics 

biodegrade plastic 

biodegrading plastic

is plastic biodegradabl

plastic biodegradable

which plastics are biodegradable 

 plastic biodegradability

 plastics biodegradable

Title: Biodegradable Plastics | Definition Along With Lists & Details

3. gifts for 7 years old

gifts for 3 years old

gifts for 10 years old

Title: Best Gifts For Kids | 3 to 10 Years Old – Covered.

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