How Many Words To Write For a Perfect Article? And What About Target Keywords Number in an Article?

We the bloggers and affiliate marketers are always worried about the article length and number of keywords mention on the body.

But have we tested it?

Well, we usually research our competitors manually and try to understand the content length to target and decide the in general number of keywords placement.

But, what if we can find out those content length numbers and keywords mentioned automatically every time a keyword is searched on Google?

Well, that would be pretty time saving and helpful, right?

Well, watch this video below as I showed you how to do that –

Tools Used In This Video

Sample Article Decorated Using Those Extensions

Keyword: Best Toaster Ovens

No of Words Required: 7000 Words 

Exactly Used Target Keywords on Article: 6-7 Times. 

Similar Keywords: 

  • breville toaster oven
  • toaster oven walmart
  • best toaster ovens consumer reports
  • cuisinart chef’s convection toaster oven
  • best toaster ovens under $100
  • best toaster oven air fryer
  • best small toaster oven 2019
  • best toaster ovens for toast
  • best toaster ovens under $50
  • best convection oven 2019
  • best toaster ovens on amazon
  • best toaster ovens on the market

Similar Words/Required Words

  • convection
  • toaster
  • breville
  • hamilton
  • smart

4 thoughts on “How Many Words To Write For a Perfect Article? And What About Target Keywords Number in an Article?”

  1. Thanks a lot brother.
    I used Surfer from last 2-3 months, but didn’t knew this thing – surfer also provides me word count & number of exact keyword. Before 30 minutes I did – select full article and check the article words, it was very time consuming method. Now Surfer saving my time, thanks for this video. Now i am going to remove word checker plugin from my browser. Surfer is a very powerful free tool i ever used.
    Didn’t use yet SEO ruler plugin. Hope its cool & good to use, as your mansioned on your video.

    Shamim brother any other useful free plugin I can add to my chrome ? Which helps to check backlinks data etc etc !

    1. For SEO, I use the following extensions for Chrome –

      1. SEOQuake.
      2. SerpStat.
      3. SEO Ruler.
      4. Keyword Surfer.
      5. Grammarly (not an SEO Tool..but it helps to fix my WordPress contents which ultimately assists in SEO).

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