SEO Questions Answers Session

I tried to answer some basic SEO Questions raised by students of DevsTeam Institute. student question is as follows;

  • Q: What is Longtail Keyword?

Ans: Longtail Keyword is a 3 or 4 keyword phrases which are easy to rank for low competition. You can find these by using or

  • Q: Indexation system?

Ans: Search console has new features launch, so that old version indexing system is no more. Now you can use the latest version search consol inspection URL for indexing, or you can use free tools for an index named

  • Q: Link mapping?

Ans: It is fundamentally relating what the figure of one link to a website looks like if you were to draw it.

  • Q: NAP?

Ans: Name, Address, and phone number is the key for Local listing website. It’s rank in local search results based on geo-search results in Google.

  • Q: PBN(Private Blog Network) & Web 2.0?

 Ans: PBN is a network of websites where these uses for backlinks. That means you have lots of private sites, and you are getting massive backlinks from these websites to manipulate search results. But Nowadays this kind of backlink doesn’t work; instead, you can get a penalty for these links of your money site. Google count these link as a black hat method.

Web 2.0 is using for a free blog. You can use it free registration and get backlinks for your site. These links are effects for search results to get rank.

  • Q: Local SEO Vs. Worldwide SEO?

Ans: Local SEO: Local SEO is targeting local customer & Local services. Its helps your local business to rank in search results.

Worldwide SEO: Worldwide SEO promotes your website all over the world. This can be targeted your niche related customer and services for any country and rank search results.

  • Q: Google XML sitemap?

Ans: This format allows the search engine to find data more effectively and faster.

  • Q: hreflang Tag?

Ans: Mostly, we are making the website in one language, but if we can use hreflang tag, then we will get more traffic. That’s profitable for any website owner.

  •  Q: Competiton and biding in Google keyword planner?

Ans: Google keyword planner is a free tool for researching the search volume of your chosen keyword with CPC and other metrics. It might be convenient tools to study competition and biding rate free of cost.

Watch & Learn this question and answer sessions;


If you have any questions, then let me know by commenting below. I will try to answer these one by one.


4 thoughts on “SEO Questions Answers Session”

  1. Hello sir, How are you today?

    I have a question. My keyword is ” High PR social bookmarking sites”. And the LSI keywords are well sprinkled on the post that i want to rank. Also, i checked that keyword from keyword reavelar. Its difficulty is 23 probably. The website who have gotten 1st place, its almost 23 backlinks. If i build 25 backlinks from question answer, forum, web 2.0 and blog commenting, then would it help me to get top 5 place. Also maximum this resources gives no follow backlinks. Waiting for your reply.


    1. If you’r competitor have 30 backlinks; you just double the number with high quality links….for instance, if they get links from sites A, B, C, D; make sure you get the links from those same sites along with more links from slightly high quality sites. Besides, make sure your contents are in better shaped, designed and provides more value than your competitors.

      In Addition; try to increase the number of your post’s social shares; specially on G+, Tw and FB.

      Best luck. 🙂

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