Broken Link Building – Bangla Tutorial

Broken Link:

A broken link is a whitehat, scalable and content-focused link building methods. A broken link is a link which shows 404 pages and helping webmaster to replace with your corrected links.
How its works:
You can find it from google chrome extensions named check my links or Ahrefs “Broken Links Checker” and mail the website owners to replace the broken link with your links.

How you can get Links:
Check the targeted website with Google extensions or Ahrefs. You can mail webmasters to replace broken links with your corrected links. It’s easy to get content-based links for your site.

ব্রোকেন লিঙ্ক বিল্ডিং কি? এটা কিভাবে কাজ করে? একজন এসইও এক্সপার্ট হিসেবে ব্রোকেন লিঙ্ক বিল্ডিং করার সহজ উপায়গুলো কি কি? জানতে হলে দেখতে হবে। 🙂

In this video you will learn about –

– What is Broken Link Building?
– Why Broken Link Building is good to start with for building backlinks?
– How to find different sources of building broken links.
– Uses of Broken Link Builder Chrome Extensions.
– Different keyword phrases to find Broken Link Building sources.

This is the sample of the Email Template which you will use while reaching to the Owner of the Broken Links Website.

broken link building bangla

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