Directory Submission & Listing Tutorial in Bangla

Directory listing is one of the easiest backlink methods for SEO. You can easily list your domain in the directory, which is higher your ranking. Today I am going to explain how to enlist your site in the directory;

Step-01: Go to the directory where you can submit the free link
Step-02: Give your site name, URL, meta title, description and submit

Watch the video and learn more…

You Will Learn From This Tutorial:

– How to find the right directories from Google.

– How to find the suitable directories for your website or business from a mother directory.

– How to register yourself and submit your website or business page for enlisting.

– How to conduct the whole Directory Submission process and what to follow and whats not to follow.

7 thoughts on “Directory Submission & Listing Tutorial in Bangla”

  1. Hi Mr. Shamim,

    I am searching for such tutorial regarding directory listing for a long and got this from a friend. I have so many questions in my mind about directory submission, now I have got all answer after watching this. Thank you any way.

  2. awesome tutorial,really appreciate for this tuto…my question is……….directory form a je title,description.,meta description ache sekhane ki, je site er jonno directory submission korbo se site er title,description, meta description, site er source code theke copy kore dibo?na ki alada unique title,description, meta description nij theke likhe dibo? R prottek directory form a ki, alada alada title,description, meta description likhbo? na ki ek e title,description o meta description diye so directory te submission korbo? sorry for too many questions.

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