Keyword Research Tutorial in Bangla (Video)

What is keyword?

keyword research is the methods of discovering phrase or words, people to search as search terms in the search engine.

How to find the keyword idea:

-You can use Google and Youtube suggestion
-Search related to
-Find keyword from Reddit
-Wikipedia table of content

Keyword Research Tools:

1. Keyword Surfer
3.The Google Keyword Planner
4. SEMrush
5. Ahrefs (paid)

Here in this Keyword Research Bangla Tutorial; you will learn about:

– What to consider while finalising a seed keyword.
– How to generate long tail keywords from a Seed Keyword using Google Keywords Planner Tool.
– Ways to take a keyword from planner tool and taking it to next level.
– Generating related long tail Keywords using Keywords Revealer tool.
– Analysing or evaluating Competitors to pick up the best keyword with low difficulty score possible.

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  3. Easily understandable deliberated lecture.Is domain necessary for the starter?You have told to work with one or two websites.How can a starter do this? Regards.

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