SEO Audience Persona or Profile Making For Niche Site or Blog (With a Free Tool)

If we want to run Facebook Advertisement; then we need a targeted and specified demographic audience.

If we want to run Google Adwords Campaign; we need a same kind of targeted audience list/profiles.

When we publish a post on any social media profiles; we need to keep in mind that what might be worth-sharing and what exactly your audience will like and convince to share with other peeps.

SEO Audience Persona Bangla

But what about SEO?

Every SEO campaign or a new niche site or blog should have a persona in focused.

We have to build that persona.

That audience persona will help us to optimize our campaign, research keywords, referring right authority to build our own authority and relevancy score. Even we may have to see what the top blogs/niche site for that specific industry looks like. For content planning, we need to make a persona about what to cover and what to create ahead so that Google can understand our expertise.

Luckily we have a tool named SparkToro which can help us building this persona is just one search and for free. Here is a video to follow –

I think you can follow this video and build your’s one too.

If you have any questions; comment below.

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