This is Nasir Uddin Shamim, a full-time Inbound Certified Internet Marketer, professional blogger, and an SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) who lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am 32 years old, have two kids, and reading detective books is what I do while I don’t work on my blogs.

I personally love testing different search algorithms and tweak every phase of an SEO campaign to understand what works and what’s not and what’s happening inside of Google and other popular search engines like Bing & Yahoo.

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I am a son, brother, husband, and friend of lots of awesome guys out there. So, personally I am happy with me, myself. I am happy about what I am doing for a living. I am happy for everything that I have done and got as an achievement. Alhamdulillah. Still, far way to go….miles to walk. But still, I am a happy guy like millions in Dhaka.

Like, most of the other boys in Dhaka right now; I also came in Dhaka from a village somewhere in Bangladesh named exactly Purbachar Para Tala which is located at Katiadi Thana of  Kishoreganj District.

Well, What’s Stopping You Today?

80% of Digital Marketing stuff is available online. And the rest, you either have to test by yourself and know from a group of like-minded SEO People.

In short, if you want to become an SEO expert no matter you’re living in Bangladesh or not; you have to stay in touch with Google Webmasters Blog, Google Developers Blog, Support groups of Google, and obviously marketers on Twitter. Besides, practice whatever you learn from those sources and improve your site’s user experience.

During my lifespan, I worked as a Textile Engineer, Marketing Officer, Production Manager, and eventually an Internet Marketer. I grew up in a village but quickly adopted in different difficult phases of life and survived and became confident about my skill-sets after countless failures and investing countless hours of on learning and money on buying websites and Internet Marketing tools. From cheats to clowns to priests, almost everyone makes money online. So do I. But I don’t feel proud of that money at all. Rather, changing people’s lives is what I am very moved by. I feel very much proud when I hear that one just started being massively successful in blogging or one doing insanely good in Affiliate Marketing or got a high paying remote jobs by just watching my videos. I love changing lives. And before I die, I would like to change at least a million people’s lives. And this is the core value of my course – NShamimPRO!

My Life – A Bit!

And after coming to Dhaka, I never had to look back as I got my first Job here and transferred to Khulna and then again; came to Dhaka for building my own business.

There is nothing to tell you guys, except what I have done and built so far. Anyways, the achievement also very tiny to tell you right now..but who knows; you may be find me, someday and in somewhere else.

Only then I might be seen. Then I would say – “Now You See Me”. Right? Lol..

I opened this blog to share my SEO expertise and knowledge in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing and thought this Bangla SEO video blog might help some other guys in Bangladesh who are still struggling to get a life in the Internet Marketing arena.

Still continuing this vlog…lets see how far it goes. But, if only a student or reader of this blog can turn their life by watching my video tutorials; I would say, I am satisfied and fulfilled and would be happily live it upon.

SEO Expert Bangladesh Nasir Uddin Shamim

Why Will You Call Me an SEO Expert?

I eat, sleep and breathe SEO and this is what I do for the living. I learned by myself and still testing a lot, every day.

I Work With On-site & Technical Issues Like –

  • hreflang Tag & related meta Optimization
  • Meta Title & Description Fixation
  • Schema Tags Implementation
  • Canonicalization Fixation
  • Robots.TXT Fixation
  • Sitemap & Google Fetch
  • Site Speed Optimization & Suggestions
  • Local SEO Tags optimization
  • GMB (Google My Business) Page & Map Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • Full Technical Audit & Suggestions
  • Site Structure & UI suggestions
  • Semantic Issues & Keyword Cannibalization Fixation
  • Existing Content Audit & Suggestions
  • Keyword Research & Keyword Mapping
  • Content Strategy Making & Content Creation.
  • Google Webmaster Tool Integration & Error Removal.
  • Google Analytics Custom Data Reporting
  • Siloing & Website Structuring for SEO.

In Off-Page; I Usually Love Tweaking & Testing On & About-

  • Competitor link profile analysis
  • Link opportunity & source profile creation
  • Guest posting script to build links following long-term process
  • Listing key influencers in any niche
  • Disavowing harmful links
  • Anchor Text planning & variation strategy
  • Social Profile monitoring for better social signals
  • Submission Backlinks Creation
  • .edu and .gov backlinks creation
  • Broken Link Building
  • Relationship-Based Link Building
  • Guest posting for Links & Manual Outreach
  • Video Backlinks
  • Slides & Docs Backlinks
  • Links from Comments Section of Websites & Forums
  • Local Directory Links & Citation Building
  • Content Focused Link Building
  • Skyscraper Link Building & Roundup Posts.
  • Digital Marketing as a whole.

Can you call them a guy an expert if s/he has the skill-sets mentioned above?

No man!

In this online world; anyone can claim anything. Like I claimed above that – I know all of them and I am an experienced SEO specialist who is very knowledgable.

But who will evaluate me?

Well, your common-sense and gut-feeling. And if you are very well, then people will talk about you. 🙂

Besides SEO, I have also worked with Google Adwords & PPC campaigns on Social Media Websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest. I recently offered some individuals (famous) an ORM (Online Reputation Management) services and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) services to some large websites who sell products and SaaS as well.  Though I will not claim myself an Expert in the PPC field yet, but I think there are always scopes for improvement and take my Internet Marketing knowledge to the next level.

Check My Latest Videos & Articles

Lets Get Connected!

You can talk with me, chat with me and even meet with me at my Office in LateNightBirds…or in several online places like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It would be even better if you start watching my SEO videos in Bengali from scratch (on YouTube) and tell me after watching – “hey, I have learned something new today and going to be another SEO experts in Bangladesh soon.”. 🙂

You can knock me over different social media websites also. Check below to find those contact details.  Let me know the problem your website and you are facing right now. Talk to you soon.

For any kind of SEO Tips or Suggestions; join my SEO Mastermind Group on Facebook . and meet with thousands other SEO professionals and experts from Dhaka and all over the world who speaks bengali. Let’s Get Connected. 🙂

Let’s Get Connected. 🙂

More About Me (And Some FAQs)

How Do You Claim You Are an SEO Expert?

When you know you are good enough to compete with anybody in your industry; you can call yourself as an expert.
To me, an expert is not just a word. In order to become an expert; one must have to have some years of working experiences, accomplishing given tasks like a pro and handling industry related projects with top-notch knowledge.

As I have been so long in the SEO industry, created numerous websites and ranked them; I can call myself an SEO expert. And when you talk about the ranking of experts in Bangladesh; I can claim a spot somewhere in the list.

It is worth mentioning that – SEO is an ever-changing industry. Google updates its algorithm almost every single day. If you are not updated with what’s been happening in the SEO industry; you will stay behind from other experts. And it’s such a vast industry that, no one can actually adopt all the offerings from every single arena of it.

There are always scopes to improve yourself, learning, testing, and implementing is what makes you perfect and expert. And I am doing so, so that I can feel confident on all the projects I do for my clients (On Behalf of My Agency – which I postponed) and the websites I build to make money online (Especially Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliate Blogs).

Hence, at least, I pretend to be an expert so that I feel confident. 🙂

Besides SEO, What You Love Doing?

I love watching movies, traveling often and gathering with friends and families. Now, these days, I love spending time with my two lil babies.

What You Would Have Been; If Not an SEO?

Everyone has their dream. But, unfortunately, i couldn’t figure out anything that I would be when I was a child. I thought a lot. But I couldn’t figure out anything at all. But, as I am a Textile Engineer; I might have spent my lifetime in finding out right color for right fabrics and stumbling upon new color swatches for new clients under any boring bosses.

Beside SEO, What Makes You More Money?

Whatever I do online; somehow are relevant to SEO. Suppose, I am blogging and earning from Google Adsense and where traffic takes a crucial part and it involves SEO. I do affiliate marketing where SEO is a must. I make static apps on Android and there’s I apply ASO (App Store Optimization) which is kind of SEO as well. So, my online life is fully based upon SEO.

What If SEO is Die? And What You Would Do Then?

SEO will die, only when Google will hire 3.5 Billion Search Engines Raters on all over the world for every possible language. Because, according to InternetLiveStats, 3.5 Billion of searches are happening on Google per day. SEO will never die, if the search engines stay as Robot and the result pages come up based on some algorithms.

You know,  huge number of websites are being developed at every minute. Surprisingly most of them are not optimized. I mean, most of the websites are not crawler/google robot friendly and that is why Google faces a hard time to crawl them and index them to their database. As an SEO, we optimize the sites so that google and other search engines can easily find those websites and their content to show the people who search on the Google Search Engine box.

We the SEO experts are not the enemy of Search Engines; rather we are helping the search engines to find the most relevant and better quality content for the searchers.
In essence, SEO will never die till the time when no un-optimized websites are built. And you think it will happen any day in future? Nope!

But still, let’s say SEO has died. I will ask Sergey Brain or Larry Page over email that, whether they have any vacancy on their own SEO team. 😛 LOL.

Do You Personally Provide any SEO Services in Bangladesh?

No, I don’t. I used to provide SEO services to not only Bangladeshi clients but also brands and companies from all over the world. But I am no longer providing any services as I feel like working for me and this is what I really love.

The client SEO is surely a good cash-flow for any SEO experts I know, but this is frankly I literally hate the most. So, search for other experts (there’s a ton of them if you search on Google) and hire one if they meet your criteria and I am sorry that I can’t help you in this regard.

Do You Run Any Internet Marketing Agencies?

I ran a Digital Marketing agency headquartered in Dhaka named LateNightBirds. I was providing Holistic SEO & Technical SEO services for some specific industries (Note that I don’t provide services to everybody and to every company out there). To know more about my agency (now turned to be an IM blog), then Google “LateNightBirds” and you will find me there.
I share all the SEO & search engine algorithm updates and know-how in that blog which you can check as well. I share different SEO tests and publish updates about industry news which will definitely help you become a knowledgable SEO not only in Bangladesh but anywhere of this world, only if that matters. 🙂

How Can I Learn From You?

Just check my SEO training page here and then register yourself. This is probably the very first Online Membership Site in Bangladesh where you will get updated and trendy SEO videos weekly and monthly. Even, a step by step guidelines for doing SEO for a niche site and authority site is already given on that course.
That is a lifetime membership and you will get lifetime SEO support from me over Skype, Mobile Phone, and Facebook Group.

Do You Have Any SEO Consulting Package?

I used to have one. But from the beginning of last year, I stopped providing SEO Consultancy completely to focus more on my Content Publishing Business (Blogging).

How To Become An SEO Specialist If I Just Speak in Bengali?

You don’t have to be a native English speaking personnel to become an expert in SEO. Just follow all of my videos from my YouTube Channel or read all the blogs of this nshamim .com and you are good to start your career. There are plenty of Bengali blogging platform like Projuktigeek,, somewhereinblog, techtunes where you will get a lot of articles about SEO and Digital Marketing. Just keep reading them and take notes. If you are running any Online Business; then learning SEO by yourself would be a great investment for yourself for the time being.

Do You Teach The Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a very broad topic and includes SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing and so on. I solely focus on SEO and don’t try to mark my foot on other platforms as sticking with just one platform earns you the expertise and specialities you are looking for!

Why You Need To Hire an SEO Expert In Your Business?

If you ask me this question – i would say, SEO is the only channel to get maximum organic traffic from Google and other search engines. SEOs help a business website get right kind of Schema, they produce awesome content than all the competitors, they strive to build a trust signal towards the visitors and the seach engines; and all of those combines a traffic boost for your Website. 

What SEO Packages You Would Suggest For A Startup or Establisthed Businesses/Enterprises?

There are a lot of SEO Companies in Bangladesh comes with different SEO Packages with different price-limits. You should always look for a SEO Company who provides holistic Seach Engine Optimization packages including robust Keyword Research, Content Improvement and Link Building or Outreach (in white hat way) packages. Look for their success online in the digital marketing space and how well the contributed for the community as a SEO Team before hiring one. 

Where Would I Find SEO Experts Online?

You can go to freelancing marketplaces like Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer to hire an SEO Expert if you have less budget. But if you are a company and own a very large website (like e-commerce), you can look for local Bangladeshi SEO service providers and individual SEO consultants if you have an in house SEO or Online Marketing team already. A simple Google search can help you will that. 

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