Hitting $100 Per Day on Ezoic (A Mini Case Study)

I am a massive Link Building guy. I was in a mindset of publishing 80% affiliate (Best of X of Y) type of content and building (buying) links to rank those pages to earn money from my blogs and was successfully doing it for so long on Shareasale, CJ, Rakuten, and Amazon; like from 2014 (A tiny part of it on Google AdSense though).

Once in a while, I completely shifted from this blogging industry to other corporate business stuff (Built some company with friends like DevsTeam, LateNightBirds, and so many others).

Luckily, I got back on track and started doing that affiliate and blogging stuff again.

But, this time I have decided to get in the shoes of Jon and Anne (and tried to understand these guys’ mindsets) and started publishing the informative content for the last 2 years (1.5 years to be exact), and seems like – eventually its paying off. The time before that last 2 years were just lurking around and creating some mediocre blogs (apart from 2 of those I sold on Flippa back then).

I was earning a handsome amount of money per month from my blogs – but that was a journey of a lot of WORK outside of Content Making; like outreaching, negotiations of link placement prices (you know what I mean πŸ˜€ ), and designing every single page of my sites for a better conversion rate from Amazon and other affiliate programs.

Eventually, I shifted my mindset from just Money Content to Info Content ( to monetize solely from Ads) and completely turned off my Link Building campaigns (and related hustles) and I would like to thank you all the guys all of the blogging community spread all over the internet in blogosphere and Reddit and masterminds group.

Now earning almost $100 per day with an average of 136k+ visitors per month (from 4 sites). Some of the sites of this list started at the beginning of 2020 and mids of 2019. (It seems too late to reach this mark because I did some mistakes with bad hires and quality checking at the beginning of this info journey and I blame my laziness. πŸ™ for it.).

earning 100 Dollars online a day from Bangladesh on ezoic.png

It’s still too little to celebrate – But that’s a solid starting point for me.

Want to join Ezoic?

Well, I have already tripled my Ads-based earnings after I switched to Ezoic from Google AdSense. They have an awesome network of Adx bidders and you will always get premium CPC and ePMV compared to other networks.

Join today and I will help you with the process if required.

What I DID to get into this $100 a day mark?

  1. I experimented with a lot of ways to find low competitive keywords and found 3 methods that are going extremely well for me. I named these though like my pets. πŸ™‚ (Babies Day Out Method, Soft-Intent Method, and Gold From Ashes Method – all these methods are available on NShamimPRO – in different names. ). I see, when I name my method – I can stick to it for a long term (I have a bad tendency to start things and lose interest after a while. I love to jump over things often with newer projects/shiny objects. :D)
  2. I built a team of 8 writers (Mostly Kenyan, Nigerian, UK and one from my country – Bangladesh) and started publishing a total of 300+/- articles on my top 4 – 5 blogs every month.
  3. I hired a content manager who just takes the content from me (I email him contents every day) and he takes care of adding images, internal linking stuff, formatting the posts, and publishing it to my sites.
  4. My responsibility is mainly, researching low competitive keywords and doing some random quality checking of the articles sent by writers (too lazy to check all the articles by myself before publishing – though I should do it).
  5. I initially give my writers detailed instructions about what would be the article format, what sites to follow to structure the contents, and how much the words be – the writers just follow that. Once s/he works with me for 1 or 2 months – s/he gets the idea about what I want and I found no issues after that.
  6. I usually spend $10 to $15 (for informative blog posts) and $15 to $30 (for Affiliate Contents) per 1k words.
  7. I pay my writers based on each article and I pay Weekly and Bi-weekly on some cases.
  8. Most of my traffics (90%+ are from Search Engines) and I am currently not doing any Social Media stuff (even I deleted the Social Media sharing plugins from most of my blogs).
  9. I use GeneratePress Theme on 95% of my established blogs and Astra on some newly launched blogs.
  10. I use Hostinger, Siteground and Amazon AWS for my hosting and InternetBS, NameCheap and CloudFlare for my domains.

Future Plan

  • My next plan is to publish 600 articles a month from January 2022 and I am planning how to execute that.
  • Hiring more writers and training them.
  • Creating a Keyword Research Tool that can use my own Keyword Research Methods and generate keywords for me on autopilot.
  • Scaling the whole informative content business model for Ads (And some Affiliates in between on the same blog) to the moon and converting my company LateNightBirds to a solid Content Brands Network like Dotdash.

Guys, wish me some luck. πŸ™‚

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