Get Traffic To Your Website Without Doing SEO – Bangla Tutorial

We all are going behind SEO. Seems like, it’s impossible to drive traffic to our website without SEO & Paid Advertising. But that’s not always true!

If you can invest more time on the websites where a massive amount of traffics roam around already; you can divert them to your site.

Yes, I am talking about popular social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

But, this method doesn’t work like other methods what we have learned so far from different websites and forums found on the Internet. It needs some extra personalization and some extra effort.

Let’s watch this video to understand how this method works and how you can implement on your own website.



Two Important Thing You Need To Be Master At


  • Publishing top-notch content
  • Finding the right Social Media profiles like Tw, FB, G+, Reddit, LinkedIn accounts of the websites/blogs/companies/organizations you have referred to from your blog posts.

Okay, well, where this method should be applied?

Only blog or informative articles, please.

It might not be working on your Product Review or Amazon Affiliate Product pages – as the big twitter profile owner or big facebook page owner might not share a page/link which is full of affiliate links.

Do you have any doubt about this method?

Here is the proof (screenshot taken from Twitter) –

social-media-shares I already shared this idea on Medium and got plenty of re-tweets and comments. Some shared positive feedback and some were totally hesitant to this method on Facebook.

I would like to know what do you think as well.

Comment below and lets the discussion going on…

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