Single Niche or Multi-Niche In The Same Website? What To Target?

If you want to start a blog or website; then how much topic/niche you can cover on a single website?

I have got so many questions from newbie about having a multi-biche or single niche website. I will try my best to explain it.
Some are thing multi niche site getting more traffic and generate more income but they don’t know about Google updated their Algorithm and Google don’t link multi niche site. Beacuse of when you built multi niche site you didn’t focus on one topic. You are involving yourself two or more niche. Google cares their traffic to get best information. They tries to rank user friendly content as well as website.
On the othre hand, when you focus on single niche site you are showing on your expertise to built user friendly website which is Google love .
So I recommand focus on single niche website.

This video will answer you more detail. Watch and Learn!


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