Nobody actually wants to test what works in SEO and what’s not; because it’s a tedious and boring process. Nobody wants to get scammed and lost their money (not anymore in 2022). And nobody wants to fail – months after months, projects after projects. Instead, everyone wants that personal support & real case-studies (live project?) to follow to earn the success once s/he gets in a course. Here is — NShamimPRO — solves all of your problem by testing, finalizing and organizing everything for you.

ভবিষ্যতের জন্যে ইনভেস্টমেন্ট


আপনি যদি গুগল অ্যাডসেন্স, অ্যামাজন এফিলিয়েশন বা যেকোন এফিলিয়েট/মানিটাইজেশন প্লাটফর্ম স্পেসিফিক ব্লগিং করতে চান এবং স্টেপ বাই স্টেপ এসইও গাইডলাইন পেতে চান (নিজের সাইটের জন্যে বা ফ্রিল্যান্স আউটসোর্সিং এর জন্যে) – তবে আমাদের NShamimPRO আপনার জন্যে একটা আদর্শ কোর্স হতে পারে।

  • কোর্স কন্টেন্ট দিয়ে বিচার করলে পৃথিবীর সকল এসইও কোর্স এর টপ ৫টার মধ্যে একটি আমাদের NShamimPRO (নো বুলশিট/বস্তাপচা জোকস – শুধুমাত্র রিয়েল কন্টেন্ট) , আর যদি সাপোর্টের কথা বলেন – তাহলে আমরাই পৃথিবীতে সেরা। সাকসেস স্টোরিজঃ  মেম্বারদের সফলতা
  • শুধু বাংলাদেশে নয় – পৃথিবীতে SEO এর যতো কোর্স আছে – আমাদের মতো এত কেয়ারিং আর সাপোর্টিভ কেউ নাই (সলিড পরামর্শ, সস্তা বকবক না)।
  • প্রতি মাসেই নতুন আপডেট অনুযায়ী ভিডিও আপ হয় এবং এক্সিস্টীং পুরনো ভিডিও আপডেট করা হয়।

NShamimPRO is there to support you one by one until you become successful. Its just not a typical Online course you came across so far, its different — in support, in help and in building your skills.

No fluff, no bullshit (again); you will get just pure contents, checklists and working guidelines. Talk about support? (nobody can beat us in this world; because we really, really take care of every single member).

If you’ve taken any other courses, bought CD/DVDs but are not satisfied; then this is the right premium online SEO Training for you in Bangladesh!

12,000 Taka Today | Discount Applied

Note: Fee Can Be Increased At Any Time

How Is This SEO Training Different?

  • This premium SEO course is not just a CD Disc that everyone is doing. Instead, you will get access to a membership website where I will regularly publish updated SEO tutorials so that you will stay updated, always. You know, SEO industry constantly changes and so the Google Algorithms. You get the idea, right?
  • You will get the chance of working directly on real life SEO projects (via our secret Forum & membership site) as I will give you SEO tasks to complete and this is the way you will keep learning.
  • My Free SEO videos are available on this site. You will have the ideas to get started and do well if you follow my Free tutorials. But, I will share more in-depth, exclusive SEO tutorials that I never shared on this blog.
  • Extensive support directly from me.  This is probably Most Exclusive & Personalized Online SEO Training in Bangladesh.
  • Course module is designed to get you started from the very basic to advanced level.
  • Get my recommended SEO tools I am using to research by your own.
  • Other Premium videos, ebooks, resources, and tools are FREE for you.
  • Lifetime access to my secret SEO Forum (previously on Facebook) as well the membership site from where you will be able to learn from other SEO experts.
  • Personal, one to one SEO Training (Over Skype, if needed) which is the very first time in Bangladesh! I will help you over Skype or Forum threads once you are struggling with your own projects.
  • In this Premium SEO Training, I will show you how to start building a website from the scratch, find the keywords, write contents, build links and rank the site & getting SEO clients along the way. So you will get to know how SEO works while doing the course.
  • I Provide corporate SEO training in Bangladesh exclusively. So, you will also learn the eco-system of insanely large websites and how SEO works there.
  • You will get to know how to get SEO clients outside of Freelance-Outsourcing Marketplaces to build your career!
  • The membership site is designed in a way so that, students will learn everything step by step. Everything is arranged and decorated and so easy to get started.
  • Who Is This Training For?

    Well, this training is not for everyone. If you are not serious about blogging and don’t want to take this whole thing as a Business; this course is not for you. Its because, like a real business – you will face lot of ups & downs, you have to invest a bit to get your business going and so on. SEO & Blogging is not just a “Push Button” that you press and gives you money. It requires patience, hardwork and dedication. We have the system on the place; but that system requires you to work on it actively to make the success happen.

    Its Not For You – If:

    • You don’t have any patience.
    • You believe in quick money.
    • You think that, making money online is easy.
    • You think, there is a magic wand, but no skill required to be successful.
    • You imagine a CD will change your life with SEO, no updated information is needed.
    • You can learn without any support from your mentor.
    • You don’t need to ask someone expert in SEO field when you are in trouble!
    • You think you have learned everything about SEO and nothing left to learn in future.

    Its a Perfect Course – If:

    • You believe yourself and reach to your goal no matter what.
    • You need the industry’s best SEO Tips to rank your website & make enough money in a year.
    • You need a mentor who will guide you, support you and help you when you are in trouble in the middle of any SEO project.
    • You need constant updates and trendy tricks and tips of latest SEO industry, for a lifetime.
    • You have enough patience to stay active on the industry no matter what and
    • You never give up.

    What If I Don’t Like NShamimPRO (Right After Getting Admitted)?

    You have the right to ask a refund within 7 days of your admission.

    I am confident with my membership site and I believe, if you stay with me…you will do a lot better in Outsourcing, managing and acquiring clients for SEO work, or ranking your own website and doing blogging and earning a smart amount of Money from online. You have to believe me and yourself as well.

    If you think, you are not convinced enough and you don’t need any tips or support from me; you can ask me for a refund and I will give your 100% money back.

    100% Refund ( Within 3 Days After Admission)

    Note: We had a 30 Days refund system but people started abusing it. Then changed it to 7 Days, still found a lot of violation (seems like there are some people who gets admitted just to download the videos and then ask refunds). Then, we have changed it to only 3 Days. I think, 3 days are enough to understand the quality of an Online Course (as everything is step by step here) and to get an idea about the support and community helps from our FB Group.

    So, we have changed the policy to only 3 days for full refund. Its effective from 2021.

    SEO Training Bangla Video Course Module

    180+ Video Tutorials Has Been Uploaded & New Videos Are Being Updated As Per Demands of The Students. For updated Video links; check our Facebook Page.

    Training Module 01

    SEO Basics

    • What is SEO?
    • Why SEO is so powerful?
    • SEO for 2021 and beyond.

    How Google Works

    • How Google ranks a website?
    • Google Ranking Factors
    • Google Algorithm Basics

    Training Module 02

    Keyword Research for Niche Websites

    • Which Niche To Choose Today?
    • Manual Keyword Research for Niche site (Perfect for Amazon Affiliates, PPL & Local SEO based site).
    • Keyword Research for Niche Site using premium tools.

    Keyword Research for Bigger Goal

    • Keyword Research for Authority or Brand-targeted websites (Perfect for blogging & site with long-term goal).
    •  Keyword Research Reporting.
    • Easiest Way To Research Keywords
    • KGR – Keyword Golden Ratio

    Training Module 03

    • Website Setup (Full)
    • Basic WordPress
    • Site Design With GeneratePress Theme with Gutenberg
    • AMP Setup (Full)
    • Converting Thrive Architect Pages to WP
    • Homepage Design with Gutenberg
    • Single Product Review Box Development
    • WP Recommended Plugins
    • FREE SSL Setup with Cloudflare
    • Get Free Images From Shutterstock
    • Page Speed SEO with Free Tools
    • Page Speed Fixing with Premium Tools

    Training Module 04

    • What Type of Contents Should You Write While Starting a New Blog?
    • Content Strategy Development
    • Content Writing Formula
    • Find Contents For Free
    • What Contents Are Missing On Your Niche Site Than Competitors?
    • Ontology & Entity
    • Google’s Content Guide for Affiliate Marketers & Bloggers

    Training Session 05

    • On-Page SEO (Full)
    • Sitemap Setup & Configuration
    • SEO Audit
    • Review Schema
    • Schema Tags/Rich Cards (Manual Code & Plugins)

    Training Module 06

    • Link Building (26+ SEO Link Building Methods) To know the Methods name; Click Here
    • How To Implement Your Link Building Strategy
    • More link building videos are being added monthly!

    Training Module 07

    Make Money Using SEO

    • Client SEO
    • Blogging
    • Marketplace SEO
    • Freelance Outsourcing Project (Coming Soon)

    Training Module (Bonus)

    • Google’s Algorithm Updates
    • Unnatural Link Penalty
    • NLP
    • Google Core Update Penalty Fixing Checklist

    Training Module 08

    Industry SEO

    • YouTube SEO
    • Local SEO
    • E-commerce SEO

    Training Module 09

    SEO Tools & Resources

    • Ahrefs (Full)
    • Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console)
    • Sneaky Redirects Penalty Removal
    • Google Analytics

    Training Module 10

    FAQs By NShamimPRO members

    • IBL – OBL & Niche Selection
    • How To Check Keyword Position in Google For FREE?
    • Can I Cover All of My Niches On a Single Website?
    • Anchor Text Related QA
    • Authority Site Related QA
    • EMD Related Questions

    Training Module 11

    • What really works in SEO (Real Case Study)
    • SEO Case Studies #1
    • SEO Case Studies #2

    Training Module 12

    Technical SEO

    • Robots.TXT
    • Siloing & Internal Linking Explained
    • Featured Snippet or Zero Position on Google (Actionable Guide)
    • E.A.T (Expertise, Authoritativeness & Trustworthiness) application.

    Training Module 13

    • Step By Step Guides on Starting SEO For Your Blog/Website

    Training Module 14

    • Private Blog Networks (PBN) – The complete guideline.

    Training Module 15

    • Amazon Niche Live Project
    • – Researching Keywords (Revenue Potential,
    • – Competitor Analysis)
    • – Picking a Niche (keeping future in mind)
    • – Selecting a Domain
    • – Buying Hosting & Setting Up
    • – Designing The Site
    • – Buying/Review Content Planning
    • – Info Content Planning
    • – Content Publishing
    • – Linking To Amazon
    • – On-Page SEO
    • – Amazon Onelink & Native Ads setup
    • – Link Building
    • – Ezoic Implementation
    • – Ranking the site
    • – Site expansion
    • – Selling the Amazon Affiliate site
    • Monthly Live SEO Webinar (Check our SEO Webinars for FREE)
    • Update: More than 38 videos have been published for this Amazon Affiliate Marketing category alone and more videos are coming! (Update – The site already earning $1000/m.)

    Training Module 16

    Google Adsense Live Project (Continued).

    • Applying to AdSense
    • Keyword Research & Content Structure
    • Ads Placement

    Training Module 17

    • Freelancing/Outsourcing & Client SEO Live Project

    What Existing Paid Students Talks About NShamimPRO?

    There are too many reviews in our Official Facebook Page and we have captured a lot of comments and project success updates from our secret group. You can check some of those following the buttons below –

    Why This Online SEO Training in Bangladesh?

    I am offering this Paid online Training because, I felt that the Local Bangladeshi guys and girls need more systematic, advanced and extensive training on SEO to compete on the International Market.

    The present market is full of bullshits CDs and Tutorials those doesn’t add any real value to your overall SEO learning and doesn’t help you much on Outsourcing as well. If you become a member of my premium site; you will understand the differences.

    I have covered how Google ranks a site, how to research keywords, how to develop a website with your researched keywords, how to tweak the On Page SEO perfectly, how to build links that Google loves and then how to use your website on making money online. All are systematic, easy to follow steps and super easy to implement for any people from any background.

    I have made a lot of trendy and practical videos with more information, updated tricks along with a lot of advanced stuff that I didn’t share in this blog as free seo videos.

    And to make those videos, I needed extra time, research, understandings, and motivation. Besides, I have a plan to help the guys in future personally on their own projects.

    Any Questions About This Course? (FAQ)

    There are some basic questions answered below. Except those, do you have any other questions to ask? Call at: +8801913979040 or knock at our FB Page. (Note: we never share your Email or Phone Numbers with anybody else)

    Why You Are Offering Paid SEO Training Video?

    I am offering this Paid Training because, I felt that the Local Bangladeshi guys and girls need more systematic, advanced and extensive training on SEO to compete on the International Market. I have remade my existing videos with more information, updated tricks along with a lot of advanced stuff that I didn’t share in this blog as free seo videos.

    And to make those videos, I needed extra time, research, understandings and motivation. Besides, I have a plan to help the guys in future personally on their own projects.

    These are the actual reasons to the plan behind of this paid video course.

    Will You Provide Any CD or DVDs?

    Please, no!

    You have to login to the Premium Membership Section to get access to my videos.

    I had a plan to launch this premium Course in a CD initially; but later I thought that , what if Google updates their algorithm and what if the existing SEO Marketing strategies doesn’t work anymore?

    So, i reversed my DVD plan and launched a membership website where I will publish tutorials regularly with useful updates and strategies.

    This kind of seo training in Bangladesh is rare and I am lucky that I am providing this now to you.

    Why Are You Selling SEO Video Courses in BD Whereas You Have The Chance to Train In Person?

    Initially, I had a plan to arrange some training session in my office. But eventually I couldn’t make it because of the setup and the extra time I need to put in that.
    I have to manage a lot of projects everyday and after that I rarely get the time to arrange physical training.
    So, I though an advanced SEO video tutorial course would be much easier to manage for me and the guys outside of Dhaka would find it easier too to learn the advanced stuff directly from me.

    Are those Videos Available to buy for anyone?

    Nope! People will have to keep in waiting list first. I will send them some Email and if they reply me, understand the process and difficulties and want to give it a hard try; only then I will sell them.

    Its because, I have a plan to support them via Facebook, Email and Private Group. And I will make sure 90% of them are successful. So, I want to keep the numbers limited so that I can manage all and help them when they are stuck.

    And before buying, please keep in mind that — you have to invest on domain name, hosting, content and may be on your outreach campaign – because these are essentials in this business.

    A lot of people are selling SEO Video Training Videos in Bangladesh. Why Should I buy yours?

    Check my free SEO video tutorials on this site. You will get the idea of my standard. I have ensured more quality, wider topics, in-depth videos on every SEO topics of this course.

    So, this course is kind of Premium and Exclusive.

    I don’t want to buy your SEO Course. Any suggestions for me?

    Sure…no problem. Keep exploring the existing SEO videos of this site. For the beginner, existing videos are good enough to start the career.

    My suggestion is; build the foundation by waiting existing videos and once you think you need to step up and learn some more advanced stuff in SEO to have a solid presence on the International Market; then buy the Premium Course.
    Until then, keep watching Free SEO videos from

    Any Investment Required in Future?

    Yes. Its all about SEO, but you have to have a blog or a website where you will apply SEO. So, you need to buy domains and hosting and that is an investment. You have to buy contents if you can’t write – that is an investment.

    You may have to use some Research tools or other SEO Tool and those would be your future investment. No matter what you do; these are kind of mandatory investment.

    How To Pay You?

    Dutch Bangla Bank: Account: 103101105048 Name: MD Nasir Uddin Morol, Banani Branch, Dhaka
    BRAC Bank: Account: 1535202571387001 Name: MD Nasir Uddin Morol, Elephant Road Branch, Dhaka
    For International MasterCard/VISA Card or Payoneer or Paypal payment: Click Here
    For Direct Payoneer or PayPal payment; message us on Facebook.
    You can meet with me at my Office to pay me directly: Google “LateNightBirds” to find my address.

    Is this Premium Training Course Contains only Videos?

    Not only videos; but also related files, useful resources and checklists. I mean, you will get a complete guideline on everything you watch on my premium SEO membership section.

    What Are The Extra Cost I Will Have After This Admission To NShamimPRO?

    NshamimPRO course Alert.png

    NShamimPRO is just a course where you will get all the essential guidelines and support to get started. The updated SEO & Blogging tips of our course will help you get going. But, you have to buy Domain names, Web Hosting to start a blog and practicing SEO. This is the main and inevitable cost you will have. Other than that, you may have to invest in writing contents, acquiring links and to any premium plugins or themes (this is not mandatory). Investing on Contents and Links are not needed if you can write contents by yourself and outreach to manage links.

    So, keep this in mind before joining to our Courses.

    Who Will Teach You & Support You Along?

    It is me, Nasir Uddin Shamim, who have built this Premium SEO Training & Blogging Videos in Bengali and will support you when you are in trouble with building your own website/blog or ranking a site on Google!

    Unlike other courses or SEO DVD/CDs found in Bangladesh, my support is personal and premium. Yes, I mean it!

    You can reach me via Facebook’s Secret Group (our main support channel), Skype, Mobile and even meet me directly at my office in Dhaka! I love supporting people and you already know this fact if you visited my Free FB Group so far and checked some free SEO tutorials on this site.

    I really want to see people from Bangladesh and India and from any other country who speaks Bengali, become successful in this vast industry.  My student’s success is my success and this is what I strongly believe and will make sure to achieve optimum success rate possible via this course. See you soon!

    Nasir Uddin Shamim

    So, Decided To Change Your Life?

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