How Google Ranks A Website (Works in 2019)

২০১৮ সালে গুগল যেভাবে একটা ওয়েবসাইট র‍্যাঙ্ক করে, বিগত ২০১০ সালে অথবা ২০১২ সালে র‍্যাঙ্কিং প্রসেসটা ঠিক এমন ছিলো না। সুতরাং এসইও র‍্যাঙ্কিং প্রসেসটা অনেক পরিবর্তিত হয়েছে। সুতরাং এখন কি কাজ করে এন্ড গুগল কি কি দেখে সেটাই চলুন শেখা যাক।

Here I explain how google rank a website is as follows;

  1. Backlink: Backlink is an essential ranking factor in Google. If you get high authority do-follow backlink, it will help to increase your ranking.
  2. Domain Link Authority: Domain link authority is called DA. This metrics based on overall domain link authority. DA is a strong ranking signal in Google.
  3. In Depth Relevent Article: If your article is topically relevant, in-depth in a single topic and focused on the publishing content on a single topic helps to rank.
  4. Long content rank high: Long content is the rank higher than the shorter one. Especially longer than competitor content is rank higher.
  5. HTTPS: It is securing the two communication system from the web browser and the webserver. That’s why Google has confirmed HTTPS as a ranking factor.
  6. Schema Tag: Using the schema tag helps the bot to understand your web page better. Its a one of the ranking factor.
  7. Image & URL: If you are using an image on your blog post, then it would be more attractive for the visitor. On the other hand, If your URL is short and sweet helps to get better rank.
  8. Sementic seacrh matters: If you placed your keyword in the title tag and optimized it. It would be a good ranking factor in Google.
  9. Site Speed: Site loading speed is a significant ranking signal in google rather than slow loading site. 
  10. Low Bounce Rate: If your article is relevant, in-depth and the page title is eye-catchy, then traffic can’t bounce from your webpage. The Low bounce rate is a strong signal in ranking factor.
  11. AMP: Mobile friendly website is more benefited in Google ranking factor.                      

Learn how Google will rank your site in 2018 or 2019 and what are their most demanding factors your website should have.

In this Bangla SEO tutorial you will learn about different ranking factors those are suggested by Google.

Download the Google Ranking Factors PDF here: Click To Download

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