Advanced On Page SEO For Content Writing

When we are writing content for our blog or affiliate site, we must remember some point such as keyword density, image alt tag, title tag, and so on. Today I am discussing advance on-page SEO for content.

-URL: Use a keyword in URL to optimize your content
-Title tag: Use keyword in h1 tag
-Content body: Use the keyword in the first 100 or 200 words in your content
-Image Alt: Use image alt tag for optimizing your image
-Meta description: Use the keyword in meta description in your article

You can not over-optimize your content. Use keyword 1% in total words of content.

Watch the video and learn more….

You Will Learn :

– Keyword Usages Techniques Within Content.
– Terms Frequency & Inverse Document Frequency (TF-IDF).
– Synonyms and Close Variants Distribution.
– Page Segmentations of Keyword Importance.
– Semantic Distance and Terms Relationships In Between Paragraph to Paragraphs.
– Entity Saliences Issue.

20 thoughts on “Advanced On Page SEO For Content Writing”

  1. আমি ব্লগিং এ নতুন হিসাবে,এই টিউটরিয়াল আমার জন্য খুবই গুরুত্বপূর্ণ,
    শামিম ভাই।

  2. Extremely helpful resources Shamim Bhai, It’s so nice of you to put these together! Will be regularly visiting your youtube channel for new videos and tricks.

    A request: Please try to give us some more “to the point” off page hacks which works and safe. I have been wondering in “Seo” for over a year now but offpage is still out of my grasp. For an instance, things i search online almost frequently but couldn’t find any compact guideline (pro step by step exact procedure) includes:
    1) Social bookmarking (I know experts use ‘special’ ways to do bookmarking but don’t exactly know how)
    2) How to increase domain authority quickly to a range of 16-25 (like in 3 months)
    3) Free methods which should boost the site on google and will generate organic visitors within 2 months.

    Excuse me if i have asked too much! But you are giving away so much good advice and investing your time/energy on making these videos that it made me think i can ask for more!
    Thanks a bunch!

  3. Rakibull Hasan

    As a new learner, I m very much thankful to you. Your learning process is so professional… I hope I always keep touch with your updates. thank you very much, bro…

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