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Hello, I used to provide SEO consultancy to Blog/Website and Business owners for so long via my Company named LateNightBirds.

These days, I am getting a lot of emails from Bangladeshi companies and website owners as well. So, I decided to create a service page here (NShamimPRO Consultancy) and this is it.

But my consultancy would be slightly different as I found it fruitful for my clients and this is what I call a strategy session. The process is simple – I will audit your website, find the loop-holes, research about your target market and keywords, find content gaps that you are missing right now, discover link opportunities and holistic SEO implementation scopes. Then I will make an actionable checklist of every section so that your in-house team or any freelancer you hire; can perform the tasks easily. Besides, I will arrange a live strategy session with you over Skype and will elaborate each and every step (from the report/checklist) so that you would know what you have to do and how you will do it.

Either its a niche blog (that is under-performing) or a business (that is not doing well in Google) or any website (that is performing worst on Search Engines); I will cover any niche and any type of websites.

Let’s watch this video below – to understand how this process works and why you should work with me.

1. Who is this SEO Consultancy for?

If you have problems with Wrong Keyword Research, Wrong Content Planning, Technical SEO issues, Bad Backlinks or Lack of right links, Stuck of Keywords in Google’s Page 2-3, Not driving Revenues due to false SEO – This Consultancy service is for you.

2. What does this service include?

  • Complete Keyword Research. 
  • Full list of Content Gaps & future content planning
  • Format & structure of Contents 
  • Checklist to avoid all the technical issues. 
  • What are the links to remove and build? 
  • Strategy Session Live. 

3. Why you need this Service? 

  • Proper guidelines for ranking at the top of Google. 
  • Save money by hiring an expert who can find your problems and guide you what to do. 
  • You can outsource the plan. checklist and SEO work by hiring other SEOs and Companies. 

Let’s discuss the SEO Consultancy Steps in detail before making a deal.

Step 01 – SEO Audit (Technical, Links, On-site & Content)

Step 02 – Keyword Research & Content Gap Finding

Step 03 – Creating Actionable Checklist For Each Phase of SEO

Step 04 – What To Do in Future (Timeline of Checklist)

Step 05 – Live Strategy Call over Skype or Phone

So, what’s next? Contact Me Below

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