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রেডিটকে অনেকে কোয়ালিটি ট্রাফিকের খনি বলে থাকেন। ভালোভাবে মার্কেটিং করতে জানলে রেডিট থেকে আপনি প্রচুর ভিজিটর ও ব্যাকলিঙ্কস পেতে পারেন। ভিডিওটি দেখুন; কিছু আইডিয়া পাবেন 🙂

Reddit is a gold mine to get massive traffic on your website. You can target your niche based audience from this site. Now I am explaining step by step Reddit marketing;

Step-1: Go to the and open your account. After that, you will select your category where you can participate.

Step-2: Do you think about how to increase your karma? You will get help from Google news.  Go to the Google news and get the hot/ spicy news which posted within an hour. Then you can post to sub Reddit.

Step-3: Now you may think how to find sub-Reddit? Go to the Reddit account then you may go to the search box type your niche. You can find two way to post. One is “submit a new link,” and other is “submit a new text post.”

Step-4: If you want to submit a new link, then go and click that button. After that, place your link, place image or video, place unique title, select subreddit then submit. Or, If you want to text then go to text option. Place your eye-catchy title, put your text in the text box, choice your subreddit, and hit the submit button.

Step-5: Participate sub reditt and get karma 200 above to leave your website link.

Hope, this Reddit Marketing Tutorial will fulfill the purposes of your social media marketing needs. 🙂

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