Pinterest Marketing Made Easy (Bangla Video)

Pinterest is one of a gold mine to get traffic. You can get targeted traffic for your niche or Brand site.

Pinterest has two types of account. One is personal, and other is a business account. Here I describe  step by step is as follows;

  1. Create a Pinterest account: As an online marketer, you must be a signup business account.  Go to this link; to signup business account. After signing up, you must decorate your profile.
    -Give your profile photo
    -Brand name (within 37 characters)
    -To describe your business or brand within 160 characters.
    -Give your business location.
    -Link your business website.

2. Research: In this stage, you can look at your competitor board. Just follow what they are a pin in the board and what traffic likes of your niche/brand. After that, you are pinning similar kind of pin in your board and hope that would work.

3. Use your content: Don’t use copy content in your pin. Pinterest does not allow any copy image or content. You can find free pictures or stock photos to pin the Pinterest board, such as pexel, pixaby, etc.

4. Use watermark: Use watermark to your content all the time. It’s increasing brand awareness and looks legit.

5. Care your boards:  Don’t care less about your boards. You must ensure to pin your boards regularly. In that case, eye on your competitor.

6. Price on display: If you are promoting a product for selling purpose, then you must include the price on the banner. So that, targeted customer easily eye on that price.

7. Pinback your website: For easy traffic, you can pin back your site. Pinterest is one of the secure platforms to pin back your site.

8. Interact with others: Though Pinterest is not similar kinds of other social media, you can tag pinner, comment, and embed pin to give credit. Appreciativeness is suitable for engagement.

আপনার টার্গেট মার্কেট যদি হয় USA অথবা European কোন কান্ট্রি; তাহলে Pinterest Marketing টা ভালো করে শিখে নিন। এই ভিডিওটা একদম র’টেক। 🙂

In this tutorial; I have tried to cover the different basics of Pinterest Marketing at a glance.

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6 thoughts on “Pinterest Marketing Made Easy (Bangla Video)”

  1. Very nice video. I have learned a lot of things from this video. But i have a problem. I can not pin from my website. Problem sample is described in the bracket [ Oops! parameter “image_url” (value http:null) is not a valid URL format. Can you solve it?

  2. Sir,
    I am also interest to learning about teesping ….. If you really make Bangla tutorials for teespiners, it will be very helpful for us….. sir please, review my comment and accept my request…pls

  3. Dear brother if pinterest board creates for google from getting a description and apply my pinterest board then what is a copy post? Waite your for answer, dear brothers thanks
    Thanks you.

  4. Can I do marketing my fiverr gig on Pinterest? Is it works for getting client?

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