Page Authority or Domain Authority – Which Google Counts?

Page Authority & Domain Authority are the two important factors of hundreds of other Google Ranking Factors. We already know this.

In this content, I would like to tell you which methods work and which one is google count in SEO ranking factor.  Here is the short brief of both two;

But which one seems likely to have a significant effect?

Page Authority: The authority or link flow to a specific page of a website. Let me apparent one thing page authority is not effectless — actually its impact full domain authority and impact in ranking factor.
Here is the page authority indicator has given below:
Social signals
1. The number of root domains linking to the page.
2. Number of root domains interlink to the page with partial match anchor text
3. The number of quality websites outbound link to the page.

Domain Authority: The authority or link flow to the whole website/domain. Domain Authority higher means you earn higher ranking in search engine as well as you may gain The vast number of traffic also  That indicates your SEO efforts is better than your competitor domain.
Here is the Domain Authority indicator has given below:
1. Choose A Good Domain Name
2. Must be written optimize  On-Page content
3. You must create linkable Content
4. Siloing
5. Disavow bad links
6. Make Sure Website Is Mobile-Friendly
7. A good score of loading speed of your Webpages
8. Promote content via Social media

Here in this video I have covered everything about which Google counts to rank a website in most cases.


Comment below if you have any questions regarding this video tutorial.

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