On Page SEO Bangla Tutorial Updated [Full]

In 2019, there is some stuff in On Page SEO that you must have to implement on your own website or blog. Otherwise, you will not get the expected result that you were thought off.

Some of the updated On Page Issues are –

– Implementing E.A.T on your total site.
– Faster loading websites.
– Comparatively shorter URL structure.
– Keyword Research should be user intent focused.
– The content article should cover in-depth of a followed topic.
– Content should have some LSI Terms of the keyword you are targeting.
– Siloing should be properly maintained.
– Improve the average Dwell Time.
– Easy navigation & UX.
– Using rich media contents on the article body along with a video embedded.
– Add Years, Adjectives, Emotional or exciting words in the Title to increase the click CTR%. For example – “Best SEO Site in Bangladesh For 2019”.

You will get more info on this video. Though I made this video long ago; but still you will have some basic idea how to get the most of On Page SEO from this Bangla Tutorial. 

অন পেজ এসইও নিয়ে বিস্তারিত সব কিছুই পাবেন এই টিউটোরিয়ালটাতে।

In This SEO Bangla Tutorial about On Page SEO, You Will Learn:

– Fixing Meta Tags in WordPress.
– Fixing Permalink issues.
– Setting up the site with important Google Tools like Webmaster Tools.
– Content Issue.
– All other On Page SEO issues that are well-referred by Google Search Engine Ranking Factors.

How to Use This Tutorial?

The best way to practice On Page SEO by yourself is by opening a blog/website for you and optimizing them.

It’s better to apply your knowledge on your own website before jumping to working for clients on Upwork.

Start a blog today, optimize every section of your website following this Bangla video tutorial. Change permalink, add meta titles and description for your homepage, install required WordPress plugins, use heading tags properly on the content, optimize your images, fix a canonical issue, fix redirection issue, optimize siloing and so on.

Best luck.

21 thoughts on “On Page SEO Bangla Tutorial Updated [Full]”

  1. ভাই আপনিTitle and meta tagসম্পর্কে কোনো টিউটোরিয়াল দেননি .তাই প্লিজ জদি এই সম্পর্কে একটা টিউটোরিয়াল দিতেন খুব তারাতারি তাহলে ভালো হতো.বিশেষ করে wordpress.com এ কোনো প্লাগিনস আছে কিনা এইTitle and meta tagসাবমিট করার জন্য .থাকলে কিভাবে এটি submit করতে হয় .

  2. Hey bro,
    I am beginner in SEO. But want to know details about google web master tool and google page ranking.
    I am not clear about web master tool. What is the mechanism of web master tool. I saw your video tutorial from youtube channel and also setup web master tool on my site offbd.com but i have not clear concept about web master tool. Please help me…….

  3. nice tutorial, Hello vaia ai tutorial guluto 2015 saler but ai gulu ki akon ortat 2016 sale kaj hobe naki kunu poriborton hoyece plz aktu bolen

  4. MD.Abu bakar Siddiq

    vai aponar video gulo ki download kora jabe? jodi jai amake link ta bolun please.amar khub upokar hoto.aponar video gulo khub valo lage.

  5. Jashim Uddin Sayd

    If i have added my site at alexa, webmaster tool, bing before live my site then what it will be any problem like google index or anything else. because you told before site complete it should not go on live. (for not index)? please suggest me.

  6. Anisur Rahaman

    vai apnar video golo ki download kora jabe ? amar net-er bebostha na thakay ei tutorialgolo theke shikhte parci na. amake download link ta diben please. aponar video golo khub valo lage.

  7. Hi, How are you? I hope you are fine. Please help me. I have a website about offer and discount product. which name is offbd.com. Recently I updated my site. Before update my page rank was 2, Now page rank is 0. Would you please suggest me how can i increased page ranking of my site. Thanks

  8. Sir, আমার সাইট এ একটি ডাইরেক্টরি থেকে ২ হাজার Follow ব্যাকলিংক এসেছে । এ তে কি রেংকিং এ ক্ষতি হবে ? জনালে উপকৃত হব।
    Thank you in Advance

    1. হা হতে পারে যদি ওই ডিরেক্টরিটির এক্সিস্টিং অথরিটি তেমন ভালো না থাকে।

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