We love to complicate things.

I have seen a lot of Keyword Research videos made for Amazon Affiliate Marketers.

But, most of these videos make the Keyword Research steps so complicated that, a newbie like us – gets scared and a high % of people don’t even try those steps.

Let me ask you a question – does it really that much hard to find some good keywords to get started?

Basically, no.

We have free Tools and even if we really need to step up; we can manage paid tools for a week and get ourselves started.

In this Keyword Research video; I outlined how to scrape hundreds of buying keywords that are ready to use and you can get them even using a free Tool. People who have a paid Tool like ahrefs; they can use the same strategy too.

Let’s watch this video below and see how easy it is –

There are two methods we can follow. One is –

01- Find a Tool and Enter your top competitor’s website.

02- Filter their keywords and export the file.

03- Delete the junk pages/Keywords and finalize the target 100 Keywords to target.

Another one is –

01- Enter your Competitor’s URL in Screaming Frog and start scraping.

02- Switch to Folder mode once the scraping is done.

03- Delete the junk pages/Folders and find the top 100 Keywords to target for your next niche Amazon Affiliate Websites.

7 thoughts on “Keyword Research For Amazon Niche Sites”

    1. Nasir Uddin Shamim

      Best or Reviews or Offers – buyers actually use those words to finalize a decision about a product. So, we should use the “Best” word.

  1. শামিম ভাইয়ের টিপসগুলা সত্যিই প্রিমিয়াম। আপনার অ্যাফিলিয়েট কোর্স টিতে আগ্রহ আছে। আউটলাইন দেখতে চাই।

    1. Nasir Uddin Shamim

      মেনু বারে লিঙ্ক আছে। দেখে নিন প্লিজ।

  2. Md Saddam Hossain

    Tips : Duplicate Key word gulu chhaile one click a remove kore dite pari…….no need to remove manually

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