Keyword Research For Amazon Niche Sites

We love to complicate things.

I have seen a lot of Keyword Research videos made for Amazon Affiliate Marketers.

But, most of these videos make the Keyword Research steps so complicated that, a newbie like us – gets scared and a high % of people don’t even try those steps.

Let me ask you a question – does it really that much hard to find some good keywords to get started?

Basically, no.

We have free Tools and even if we really need to step up; we can manage paid tools for a week and get ourselves started.

In this Keyword Research video; I outlined how to scrape hundreds of buying keywords that are ready to use and you can get them even using a free Tool. People who have a paid Tool like ahrefs; they can use the same strategy too.

Let’s watch this video below and see how easy it is –

There are two methods we can follow. One is –

01- Find a Tool and Enter your top competitor’s website.

02- Filter their keywords and export the file.

03- Delete the junk pages/Keywords and finalize the target 100 Keywords to target.

Another one is –

01- Enter your Competitor’s URL in Screaming Frog and start scraping.

02- Switch to Folder mode once the scraping is done.

03- Delete the junk pages/Folders and find the top 100 Keywords to target for your next niche Amazon Affiliate Websites.

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  1. শামিম ভাইয়ের টিপসগুলা সত্যিই প্রিমিয়াম। আপনার অ্যাফিলিয়েট কোর্স টিতে আগ্রহ আছে। আউটলাইন দেখতে চাই।

  2. Md Saddam Hossain

    Tips : Duplicate Key word gulu chhaile one click a remove kore dite pari…….no need to remove manually

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