How To Find Keywords That Are Easy To Rank

I have pointed out some issues using what you will be able to decide whether you should pick specific keywords or not. Some indicator to find keywords which is easy to rank is as given below;
1. Video results appear: If you are searching a keyword in the google search box and the search results show most of the video then you should go to this Keyword
2. Social share results appear: If the search results in most of the social share, then you should go to this Keyword.
3. PDF & DOC results: If most of the search results show PDF and Doc then You should go to this Keyword.
4. Home page not found: When you search the targeted Keyword, the main domain does not appear in search results, but the internal page appears in the search results then you can go for this type of keywords.
5. New website: If you saw the search results show newcomer websites, then this is the win-win situation to rank this Keyword. What is the indicator of the newcomer website? – The site not over than 500 index page according to SEO quake.
6. Very Few Brands websites: When searching the targeted keyword search results show very few of brand websites, which is indicate you can rank for this Keyword.

Also, you will find keywords those are easy to rank following this video.

Download this simple Keyword Competitors Checklist here: Click Here

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  1. You have answered a few questions here which mostly no one does.. great work.. would like to know if you have any plans of updating your videos?
    all the best 🙂

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