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Though you have a blogger, affiliate marketer, developer, whatever you are, you have to read regularly to develop your skill. That’s why you must be searching on the internet to update daily. So I have an idea to get upgrade your skill.
-Go to IFTT (If This Than That)
-Click on “this” and set your RSS feed
-Search on RSS feed what topic you will set
-Place the URL in RSS feed

After that, you will set “that” from IFTT.

-Click on “that” then set the Gmail or where you can prefer to get notification
-If you select mail, then you can place your mail ID
-You can get the code
-Click on “create a recipe.”

বিভিন্ন সাইট ব্রাউজিং ছাড়াই কিভাবে আপনার পছন্দমত বিষয়ের টিপস এবং আপডেটগুলো আপনার ইমেইলে পেতে পারেন; তা জানতে এই ভিডিও টিউটোরিয়ালটা দেখতে পারেন।

If you want to get all the information you need daily based on your expertise and interest; then follow this Bengali tutorial.

IFTTT & RSS Feed = Your Information Expected Sent To Your Email Inbox!

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