Digital Marketing Techniques For Everyone By Women (Women Day Special)

Becoming a digital marketer can be more difficult as we thought. In this circumstances a women struggles  a lots grows as a digital marketers for cultural midsets and society behaviour. There are lot of women entrepreneurs who have been vastly successful using different social media channels and digital marketing techniques. On this women day (8th March, 2018) I have covered some most successful women entrepreneurs of this world along with their startup and the most engaging social media they love.

You can use those strategies by yourself and apply to your own companies.

Check it out here.

Neverthelsss, There are eight more brillent woman digital marketer that amaze with their works and contribution in digital world which is given name below;

1. Melanie Deziel

2. Pamela Vaughan

3. Rhea Drysdale

4. Ann Handley

5. Sonia Simone

6. Clare McDermott

7. Purna Virji

8. Nisha Chittal

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