What Are The Links Google Tells Us Not To Build?

Google always recommend us to earn backlinks instead of building backlinks. But, they know, webmasters or blog owners will never listen to them and they will never stop building backlinks.

So, they decided to build a dedicated page of guidelines of what type of Backlinks they think violates their quality guidelines.

Google calls this as – Link Schemes.

In today’s video – I tried my best to overview those links that Google thinks are not okay and may impose a penalty or whatsoever if you keep violating Google’s guideline.

Let’s watch the video below where I explained everything in Bengali.

Link Schemes In Bangla

12 Type of Links To Avoid To Stay Safe in SERP

  • Buying or selling Backlinks. 
  • Link Exchange or Reciprocating Links are not allowed. 
  • Massive Guest Posting campaign is not allowed. 
  • Excessive target anchor text.
  • Stay away from automated tools like ScrapeBox, Xenuke…
  • Link exchange Privacy page/TOS/Dedicated instruction page exists. 
  • Dofollow Links from Advertisement.
  • Optimized Anchor Text.
  • Low-quality Directory & Bookmarking sites. 
  • Irrelevant or keyword-rich links from sidebar or any other widgets. 
  • Footer links via Themes/Templates/Tools or scripts. 
  • Links from Forum Comments.

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  1. রিসিপ্রোকার লিংবিল্ডিং কি একেবারেই করা যাবে না? নাকি 30%-35% করা যাবে?

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